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By | December 30, 2014

Jaaxy LogoOf all the options out there, you may be wondering what is the best keyword research tool?

I will show you the best keyword research tool in existence today. Rather than wasting your time going on and on about it, I decided to walk you through the process that I use every time I start a new article. 

In just a few minutes you understand why Jaaxy is by far the best keyword research tool and you’ll see how it can help you in your blog or website.

Jaaxy Features I Use All the Time

I will give you a quick walkthrough of the some of the most common features that I use every time I write a new post for my websites. Once I have a topic for a new post I will head over to Jaaxy to find relevant keywords.

I will find keywords in the weight loss niche to illustrate the features that you will find in Jaaxy.

I will start by typing “lose weight” in the search bar.

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-837" src="http://onlinehomeincome.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Jaaxy-Keyword-Tool.jpg" alt="Jaaxy Keyword Tool" width="939" height="532" srcset="http://onlinehomeincome.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Jaaxy-Keyword-Tool.jpg 939w, http://onlinehomeincome web link.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Jaaxy-Keyword-Tool-300×170.jpg 300w, http://onlinehomeincome.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Jaaxy-Keyword-Tool-660×374.jpg 660w” sizes=”(max-width: 939px) 100vw, 939px” />

This is what we will see for that keyword.

  1. Keyword: Jaaxy will not only pull up results for the keyword you enter, but it will also pull up information for related keywords as well.
  2. Avg: This number indicates the average monthly searches for that specific keyword per month. 
  3. Traffic: This indicates your expected monthly traffic if you rank on the first page of Google.
  4. QSR (Quoted Search Results): The number of competing websites ranking Google for that specific keyword.
  5. KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator): This uses color codes to show the quality of the keyword. Green is good, yellow is okay, red is bad. The keywords like lose weight have a low keyword quality indicator. If you look at some of the longer tail keywords you will see a stronger KQI. These are easier to rank for in the search engines and are easier for the search engines to know what your page is specifically about.
  6. SEO: This number is a score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score better your chance to rank high for this keyword. As you can see the longtail keywords have a stronger score than the vague ones like lose weight.
  7. Domains: This allows you to check the availability of the domains that are related to that keyword.

As you can see from the Jaaxy results above, “lose weight” has a lot of competition and it will be hard to rank for. So let’s try “how to lose weight” instead.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool 1

As you can see this keyword has lower competition (QSR), has a better KQI, and has a stronger SEO rank.

While these results are not bad, we can find better keywords to use and Jaaxy will help us identify the best ones related to our niche. The following screenshots will show you how Jaaxy helps us identify stronger keywords.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool 2

I did two more Jaaxy searches: “how to lose weight in your stomach” and “how to lose weight after a pregnancy.” Both of these longer keywords have fewer monthly searches, however they will be better because you will rank faster and will be more targeted to a specific niche.

Either one of these would be a good keyword to go forward with, but I will stick with “how to lose weight in your stomach.”

Use the tool below to try your own keyword searches.


Saving keyword lists

Now if we scroll down we will see a ton of possible keywords to use. What I like to do is go ahead and select all keywords that are relevant to my niche.  Once you check the box a “Save to List” button appears. This feature is very effective for brainstorming because you can save keywords then go back and look at the list and find the best possible one. These keywords can also be exported to notepad or Excel. Jaaxy Keyword Tool 4

What about keywords with weird phrases?

Some people only like to save keywords that you can naturally using a sentence. I agree that you should only use keywords that you can actually use naturally as the primary keyword for an article. However, I like to save all keywords in specific lists because I can use them later in PPC campaigns. For example, the keyword combinations “how to lose weight from your stomach” and “how to lose weight on your stomach” have similar monthly searches but lower QSR. It may be tempting to use these for your article but I caution against it. If you were to start reading your article with awkward wording it will be hard to follow and you will probably hit the back button. This is what will happen if you start using these kinds of strange keywords. It’s best to use a keyword that you can naturally use in a sentence. As I stated earlier, I do save these keywords because I use them in my PPC campaigns. I use the same technique for misspellings in keywords.

Other Jaaxy Features

I’ve showed you the Jaaxy features that I use for every article. There are other features that I don’t use is often but are extremely useful.

Site Rank

This feature gives your current Google ranking for a specific keyword. If you look at the image below you can see an example. I was helping a local gym boost its rankings and I use Jaaxy to track our progress. Jaaxy will help us see how we rank in Google. Jaaxy Keyword Tool 5 As you can see, the specific gym holds the number two spot in Google. On the right you can see how your page looks for people who are browsing. Once you conduct a site rank search it automatically saves it. So next time you search it will show with the went up or down in the rankings. This is a great way to track your progress.

Alphabet Soup

If you have ever used ubersuggest.org you will be familiar with this search tool. A lot of keywords search techniques have you type in your keyword in Google search then type the letter “a” to see what suggestions Google gives. To do this you go through the entire alphabet, so you will do this 26 times. Then you will type each letter of the alphabet before your keyword. While this is an effective technique it is very time-consuming. Jaaxy does in a few seconds what could take you over 30 minutes.  You can see and example of this below: Jaaxy Keyword Tool 6

Saved Lists

This is pretty self-explanatory. You can save keywords into different lists to go back and reference later.

Search History

This is also self-explanatory, but it’s useful because if you are searching for keyword after keyword you will probably forget some. This is a good way to prevent that.

Search Analysis

This tool lets you spy on the competition for any given keyword. The search analysis will pull up the top 10 websites that rank for each keyword. On the far right is an option that will let you further analyze the website by showing you the title, URL, made a description, meta-keywords, word count, links on-site, Alexa rank, keyword density, back links, and if it uses Google AdSense. Jaaxy Keyword Tool 7

Affiliate Programs

I haven’t use this feature very often tend but it is still a useful tool to those looking to promote products and certain niche. For example, I typed “lose weight” and selected Commission Junction and Jaaxy pulls up all the affiliate offers for that program. Jaaxy also shows the Alexa rank for the offers website and the commission details. This can be extremely useful to finding products to promote in any niche.


The brainstorm feature looks at hot topics that are trending to help you brainstorm for niche where keyword ideas based on some of the most commonly searched terms at that time. If you see anything related to your niche you can save it in brainstorm possible keyword ideas later on. Jaaxy Keyword Tool 8

Conclusion – What is the Best Keyword Research Tool

My biggest complaints about other search techniques is that they pull up a lot of useless information. With Jaaxy every bit of information that that is provided is extremely useful and helps me stay ahead of the competition.

Or you can click to go to their website to Try Jaaxy for FREE TODAY.

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