The Wealthy Affiliate Truth

By | September 19, 2014
The Wealthy Affiliate Truth

The Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

If you’ve come across Wealthy Affiliate (WA) reviews you’ve probably read members talk about how much they love the program, but is it really as good as they claim? I’ve had some experience with WA and here is the honest truth about it.




The Wealthy Affiliate Truth – My Personal Experience

For years I had tried to find ways to make money online but I never had much success. I had the motivation and time but I lacked the knowledge on how to do it. As a result, I started searching for programs that would teach me.  Every one of these programs ended up being a scam or rip-off so I gave up for a time.


I then found out that I would be losing my job due to cutbacks and I felt a sense of urgency to find a way to create online home income for a financial cushion for when that time came.


So I started searching again but I was much more cautious this time. I came across a review of Wealthy Affiliate but it seemed like more of the same empty promises. I found other positive reviews but I already learned that scammers fill the web with spam reviews to keep people from learning the facts about their program.


What Was Different?

At first glance there was only one word that separated Wealthy Affiliate from every other program I had tried or researched. The word was FREE. The fact that they offered a Free Starter Membership was the only reason I gave it a try. They didn’t even ask for any credit card or paypal information until I believed in the program and was ready to upgrade.


So what happened? I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Wealthy Affiliate community. Within 3 days I learned enough to launch my first website and I have continued learning at a fast pace since I joined. I have hit roadblocks and received amazing support from other members of WA that have helped me push through difficult times.


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community focused on helping members create and manage successful online businesses and websites. Members include people from all ranges of experience. WA is also an interactive learning environment that will teach you everything you need to know about making money online. There is a set curriculum that will provide a foundation for beginners. There is a huge collection of training, guides, and tools for intermediate and experienced members.


What WA is not?

Now that we have a better idea of what WA is, part of the Wealthy Affiliate truth is knowing what it is not. The following list will help explain what WA is not:

  • A get rich quick scheme (your success is related to the effort you put in).
  • MLM (aka multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme).
  • A scam or rip-off (the Free Starter Membership is just that, you won’t even provide credit card info unless you want to upgrade. There is complete transparency on the Premium membership costs with no hidden fees).


Ways WA will teach you:

  • 5 training modules with 10 courses in each.
  • Weekly live webinars (every Friday Night).
  • Webinar archives so you can watch the replay if you miss the live version.
  • Endless collection of specialized training submitted by experienced WA members.
  • Live Chat for Immediate Feedback.
  • Platform to ask questions to the community.
  • Experienced members who are ready to help… all you have to do is ask.


Who is WA for?

  • Anyone who wants to start making money online (regardless of experience level).
  • People who want to create passive income.
  • People who want to become their own boss through an online business.
  • People looking for a way to supplement their full-time income with part-time work.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make money on the side or make it a full-time job.


  • Active community.Truth About Wealthy Affiliate
  • Tools for every aspect of creating, managing, and generating revenue from a website.
  • Step-by-Step training modules.
  • No experience needed, you will learn everything you need at WA.
  • 24/7 live support.
  • Interaction with people who have successful online businesses.
  • Live Webinars.
  • Support from the WA community to help push through the tough times.


  • WA is set up like a social community (similar to Facebook) so it is easy to get distracted with the social aspect. Just stay focused on why you joined in the first place.
  • It is easy to get overwhelmed by the huge amount of training, tools, and resources. If you are a beginner I recommend sticking to the modules unless you have a specific question. Otherwise you will be drinking from a fire-hose.

 WA Costs:

Here is a breakdown of the differences between the Free Starter Membership and the Premium Membership. The free membership is self-explanatory. If you upgrade to premium the cost is $47, however the first month is $19 (or 60% savings).

Wealthy Affiliate Memberships

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Comparison


The Wealthy Affiliate Truth is that the program works and it is the best system to teach you how to make money online. Once you join you will not only receive extensive training but you will have a huge support network to help you reach your goals. If you are still not convinced at this point then I invite you to at least try out the Free Starter Membership to see if this program is right for you. Since it is free the only risk is the time it takes to check it out. Click here or the banner below to visit the WA homepage.

I hope to see you there and I will help you in any way that I can to help you reach your goals.

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7 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Truth

  1. Teddy

    Excellent review, or break down, of WA; I wish I didn’t opt in under someone else, because you sure have my vote. Very well written and right to the point. I like the way you added Cons in there along with the good. It truly is an awesome program and as a fellow affiliate, and under the theme of Wealthy Affiliate’s way of doing things (helping each other out), I like to point out a quick fix to a word, everything else is spot on.

    In the last sentence of the fourth paragraph under, The Wealthy Affiliate Truth – My Personal Experience, just fix (did’t) to didn’t.

    Great Job, seriously!

    1. Dave


      Thanks for the feedback. I must have missed that. I wish you the best with the program that you’re with.


  2. john

    will a list of companies who have things to sell be included or is it up to us to find people or companies who have things to sell?

    1. Dave


      The best thing to do is study your niche, specifically where people in it are spending their money. This will help you to know which products will be the most profitable for you.


  3. Ty

    Thanks for such an informative article! Could you provide a ballpark estimate of how much you can potentially make, based on certain levels of effort? If the premium membership costs $47/month, do you have a good potential to be earning a fair margin above that?


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