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By | October 11, 2014

The Online Profits ReviewName:  Online Profits
Daniel Scocco and many other contributors
Scam or Legit: Legit

Overall Rank: 7/10

What is Online Profits?

First let me say that there are many other programs that use the term Online Profits so double check the URL ( to make sure you aren’t confusing this with another program. The Online Profits review is only for the program listed above.


Online Profits is a training course designed to teach people every aspect of making money online.

Overview: The Online Profits Review

The Online Profits training program is broken down into 24 Training Modules. Here is an overview of what the modules consist of:

Module 1:  Introduction and Business Principles

Module 2: Domain Names

Module3: Setting Up Your Website

Module 4: Markets and Niches

Module 5: Business Models

Module 6: WordPress

Module 7: Web Design for Enterpreneurs

Module 8: Blogging

Module 9: Keyword Research and Mini Websites

Module 10: Online Forums and Communities

Module 11: Online Stores

Module 12: Web Content and Linkbaiting

Module 13: Basic SEO

Module 14: Advanced SEO

Module 15: Linkbuilding

Module 16: Traffic Generation

Module 17: Web Metrics

Module 18: Social Media

Module 19: Selling Advertising

Module 20: Email Marketing

Module 21: Affiliate Marketing

Module 22: Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Module 23: Landing Pages

Module 24: Selling Your Products

All of the modules are text based, but some also have case studies and video tutorials. The different modules were put together by various contributors. Here is a list of all the contributors to the training: Daniel Scocco, Michael Gray, Neil Patel, Yaro Starak, Chris Garrett, Tamar Weinberg, Hamlet Batista, Zac Johnson, Courtney Tuttle, and Nathan Rice.


Live Case Study. There is also a Live Case Study section that takes you through the process of building a Mini Website in 8 steps. They began posting the monthly reports, however it looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2010.


Tools. There is a page that lists various tools covering the following topics: Domain Name, Website Downtime Monitoring, SEO, Firefox Extensions, Keyword Research, Website Optimization, Web Design, Social Media, and Traffic Estimation. Purchasing Online Profits doesn’t give you free access to all the tools, instead it just provides a list format for easy reference. Some of the tools are free while others will cost money.


Library. One thing I like is the library section with a huge collection of free ebooks. Online Profits acquired the distribution rights for them so members can download them for free. There looks to be several hundred ebooks but most of them have nothing to do with internet marketing. This is a nice freebie though.


Forum. There is a forum section that is organized to go along with the 24 Modules. The forum is well organized and easy to navigate. The main issue that I have with the forum is that the last post was from 10 months ago. This shows that the community is not active at all.


The remainder of the Online Profits Review will be to help you decide if this program is right for you.

Is Online Profits a Scam?

I developed 8 Signs of Internet Scams after getting suckered a few times. Once I followed these guidelines, I have not been scammed since. I always weight them against any program or offer before I buy.


The only red flag for Online Profits was that they do not offer a free trial membership. However, this was one of my rules that I will sometimes allow exceptions after a more thorough research. I decided to go ahead and try it out because of the reputation of the contributors. I had already done business with some of them so I knew that they would not put their name on a product unless it was legitimate.


After joining I can assure you that it is a legitimate program.

Who is Online Profits For?

The Online Profits website seems to market to beginners, however I don’t think I would recommend this for a newbie. A newbie will need a more active community, better support, and step-by-step videos for all modules. For this reason, I would recommend this programs for people at the intermediate level.


If you already have a website up and have a grasp of the basics then this is more the program for you. If you are an expert then you probably already know most of the information they offer. It also looks like the information hasn’t been updated for a long time so it will take someone with experience to know if the specific piece of information is still relevant. 

Pros and Cons


  • There is a lot of information from experts in the field.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Collection of free ebooks.
  • No hidden cost or upsales.
  • Easy to navigate.


  • Some of the training is out of date.
  • There isn’t an active community.
  • No free trial membership.
  • Very few step-by-step videos.
  • This program is not for beginners.
  • It looks like the enthusiasm for the program died out.

Comparison: The Online Profits Review

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 way to learn to make money online so before I complete the Online Profits review I will see how it compares. I did this comparison to show you how Online Profits stacks up against the #1 program.

As you can see, Online Profits just isn’t the best option to make money online. This comparison is important to understand that if you are serious about making money online, there is a much better alternative to Online Profits.

Conclusion: The Online Profits Review

Online Profits is a decent deal for $29, but if you join you will need additional training and support that you won’t find within the program. If you are a beginner then I don’t recommend Online Profits because it won’t take you step-by-step in a simple and easy to understand way.


Beginners who join will probably find themselves overwhelmed and will need additional training from a program like Wealthy Affiliate.


If you want to make money online then there is a much better alternative to Online Profits. Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 program to teach people how to make money online and start online businesses. There is a Free Starter Membership that allows you to test the program before you decide to upgrade. You can also read my Wealthy Affiliate Review for more information.


Click the banner below to join Wealthy Affiliate today to start your FREE Starter Membership and take your first step to making money online.

If any of you have had a good or bad experience with Online Profits then tell us your story in the comments section below.


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