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By | January 3, 2015

 What is The Free Ad Conspiracy?

The Free Ad ConspiracyThe Free Ad Conspiracy is a video-based Internet Marketing product by Phil Steptoe that claims to teach you how to get paid advertisement for free or super cheap.

The actual training consists of about three different methods on getting deals with paid advertising, primarily from Facebook.

I just bought this product yesterday so I have not been able to fully apply the methods, however Phil Steptoe presents some fairly common sense methods of getting paid traffic for cheap. The sales page uses the word free in several areas, however I wouldn’t consider these methods 100% free. Instead I would consider these methods as a way to get up to 100x the value of what you are paying.

Click below to go directly to the sales page:

The Free Ad Conspiracy

The Free Ad Conspiracy Overview

In this section will give you a quick overview of what you’ll get with The Free Ad Conspiracy by Phil Steptoe. I will apologize in advance for being somewhat vague in my description. At of respect for the author I won’t go into too much detail because if I did you have no need to buy the product.

Instead, I will give you as much information as I can to let you know what you will get without disclosing the actual methods that Phil Steptoe teaches.

Primary Training Video

The main product is a 20 minute instructional video that goes over three different methods to maximize returns on small paid advertising investments. By small investments I’m talking about ~$5.

The training video demonstrates primarily with Facebook ads, however these methods should work with any advertising agency that offers coupons or special offers.

The Free Ad Conspiracy sales page states they will teach you “How to Turn Paid Traffic Into Free Traffic On Demand,” however only the third method is truly free. The other two methods will require you to spend money but it won’t all be directly in advertising.

So yes, you will get free advertising in some instances but only after you buy something else. The third method does show you how to get free advertising, however this is also the most time-consuming.

In addition to the three methods, Phil Steptoe also includes step-by-step instructions on how to implement them with Facebook.

Why is the video only 20 minutes?

I was a little bit disillusioned at first when I saw such a short video. After watching the video this really wasn’t an issue anymore. While the video is short, there is no fluff so all 20 minutes is actually instructing you on how to get the most out of your paid advertising. I would rather have 20 minutes straight to the point instead of 2 hours of hearing someone’s life story and opinion on everything.

What else is included? The Free Ad Conspiracy Review

There are several bonuses included with The Free Ad Conspiracy.

  • Bonus #1: Access Your Mind Map/Quick Start Guide
  • Bonus #2: Exact Top Secret Favorite Gigs
  • Bonus #3: Rapid Online Profits
  • Free Downloads: There are also seven free e-books that are given to you after you buy The Free Ad Conspiracy. While it’s nice to get free stuff, just be aware that these free e-books are part of a larger list building strategy. Each of the seven e-books has a different author and to download the product you have to input your name and email. So if you download all seven e-books, you will now have seven different people sending messages to your email trying to sell you more stuff.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but just be aware that it is part of a greater strategy to sell you more stuff, not to reward you.

Also be aware nobody really gives away their best stuff for free so don’t get too excited about the bonuses.

Here is a list of the e-books that you will get for free:

  • The free ad conspiracy bonusesList Building Extreme by Stefan Ciancio
  • Affiliate Boss by Adam Payne
  • Stealth Funnel Profits by Shane Farrell
  • The Golf Ball’s Guide to Email Marketing by Mark Tandan
  • Viral Social Alchemy by Michael Jones
  • Page One Ranking Formula by Idressfarooq
  • Social Media Marketing Jump by I’m not sure who wrote it

And Now the Upsells…

Like virtually every other Internet marketing product you will be hit with a series of upsells before you even get a access the product you purchased. This is the norm in Internet Marketing, even though I really don’t like it.

Marketing With Phil Upsell: There is really only one major upsell with The Free Ad Conspiracy, which is a $27 per month membership into the Marketing With Phil group. I didn’t purchased this offer so I can’t give you any feedback on it.

$1 Trial Membership: If you click “No Thanks” on the first upsell you will be taken to an offer for a trial membership for $1 for a period of three days. At some point I will probably try this out but I haven’t yet so I can’t comment on this offer either.

If any of you decide to take this offer just make sure you make a decision of before the three days so you aren’t automatically rebilled.

If any of you have tried this and have any feedback on the Marketing With Phil program please post your comments below. I’m interested to know about if this is a quality program or not.

Pros vs Cons


  • If you implement these methods you can potentially save a lot of money.
  • This is a no fluff training. There isn’t any of wasted time in the video.
  • While each advertising agency like Facebook, Bing, Google, etc. have unique characteristics these methods can be applied to most of them.
  • This is a good way to get an immediate boost to traffic.
  • This can work with any niche.


  • These methods are probably not evergreen, so there’s no telling how long they will work.
  • There is no text version of the training. If you’re like me and prefer to read instead of video, you’re out of luck.
  • The sales page states that you don’t need to know anything about Internet Marketing to make the system work, however in my opinion this is the case. You will need to know how to set up a website, set up squeeze pages, set up an autoresponder, optins, and a few other things. Anyone can learn these things, but you can’t make these methods work unless you do.

My Final Opinion: The Free Ad Conspiracy Review

The Free Ad Conspiracy ReviewWhen I bought this product it was only about $9, however I don’t know how long the price will last. Overall the methods taught in The Free Ad Conspiracy are sound and can potentially save you a lot of money while drastically increasing your traffic.

This method can work without a lot of effort but it will not make you rich overnight and it will require some patience before you see results. Any product that tells you something different is an outright lie.

Now the real question is do I recommend The Free Ad Conspiracy?

This is really a no-brainer for me because the methods are sound and can instantly recoup the cost of your $9 investment. So the answer is, yes I do recommend this product. This is a big deal for me because I do not recommend many Internet Marketing products.

If you are ready to try this product click the link below to go to their sales page.

Click to try The Free Ad Conspiracy

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    This page was extremely comprehensive. I loved the depth in which you used. Pros and Cons…excellent. You have a very friendly demeanor which creates an online trust component. I will be back!

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    I love your theme selection. Great post. I’m sure you’re going to do really well in this industry!

    Free Ad Conspiracy gets a thumbs up from my side! It’s worth giving a shot for $9!


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      It definitely is worth the $9. If you are even considering running PPC campaigns, this will pay immediate dividends.



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