The $100K FB Formula Review

By | November 6, 2014

The 100K FB Formula ReviewName:   The $100k FB Formula
Price:  $27
Owners:  Katrina Mayors & Jimmy Reilly
Scam or Legit: Legit
Overall Rank: 5/10

What is The $100K FB Forumula?

The product is a 41 page ebook that discusses how one single mother named Katrina Mayors developed a system to make money off Facebook without having a list, product, or website.

The sales page for the ebook states that Katrina had tried many other methods before this developing this one, which claims to be able to make you over $2,500 per week.

Overview: The $100K FB Formula Review

Out of respect for the authors, I will not disclose the content and main teaching points. Instead I will give you an overview of the topics and structure of the ebook so you know what to expect if you decide to buy. If you have any specific questions, use the comments section and I will get back to you. 

The ebook has 6 main chapters with 2 – 3 subchapters in each.

  • Story and Overview: The author briefly discusses how Katrina developed this system. He also gives an overview of affiliate marketing and several groups to join to prepare to promote products.
  • Planning: This section discusses picking your niche and products. He lists different categories of products to find to determine the profitability of a particular niche.
  • Setting Everything Up: This section covers setting up a Facebook account, setting up a fanpage, and finding content to promote.
  • Getting Your First 10K Fans: In this section you will learn methods to get 10,000 fans.
  • Going Viral – Getting to 100K Fans: This section discusses ways to get 100K fans and making your fanpage go viral. It also discusses ways to get your fans more involved in your page.
  • Getting Paid – Making $100,000 Per Year: Here you will learn how to monetize your fanpages. They discuss three primary methods which are affiliate marketing, list building, and selling your own products.

The ebook is very simple and easy to follow. The book seems to be meant for beginners. However, a beginner will need resources outside this book to be successful at making money with this product. For example, they discuss affiliate marketing and list building, however a newbie will need more training than what is covered in the book to actually start making money.

Is $100K FB Formula a Scam?

I developed 8 Signs of Internet Scams after getting suckered a few times. Once I started to follow these guidelines, I have not been scammed since. Since $100K FB Formula is an ebook, some of these signs of scams do not apply. I bought the ebook to try it out and I can assure you that it is a legitimate product.

I bought the ebook over a month ago so I don’t remember if there were any upsells. The important thing to know is that there are no hidden fees or predatory practices. Once you buy the book, they don’t try to sucker you for more money.

They also offer a money back guarantee if you do not reach 10,ooo Facebook fans within the a specific time period. 

Pros vs Cons


  • Very straightforward and to the point.
  • Well organized and has a good flow.
  • This can be a useful tool for a newbie to affiliate marketing.
  • The illustrations in the book were effective visuals.
  • Not a scam or get-rich-quick scheme.


  • Spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Newbies to affiliate marketing will need additional resources and training.
  • Though the information is useful and informative, it is nothing new or ground breaking.
  • Getting over 10,000 fans in a week is overly optimistic, especially for a beginner. I understand using these numbers in a sales pitch, but in the actual book they need to use more realistic numbers to keep their readers from getting discouraged.

Product Comparison: The $100K FB Formula VS Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 way to learn to make money online so before I complete The $100K FB Formula Review I will see how it compares. I did this comparison to show you how the product stacks up against the #1 program.

As you can see, The $100K FB Formula just isn’t the best option to make money online. To be fair, these two programs are not in the same category in many ways. For example, Wealthy Affiliate is a community based training program, not just an ebook. But this comparison is important to understand that if you are serious about making money online, you are better off going with Wealthy Affiliate.


You can also join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE, which is better than spending $27.


Conclusion: The $100K FB Formula Review

The ebook is good, however I think it is overpriced for the content. When I read through it I didn’t really learn anything that I didn’t already know. I had my wife read through it (she has no IM experience) and she thought it was interesting, however she had to stop throughout the book to ask questions. For this reason, if you are a newbie then you will probably need more resources than are in the book to be successful.

As I stated, the ebook is good, however I don’t recommend it simply because there are better programs out there for less money. The $27 price is way too expensive for this type of product. You can get quality ebooks for around $9 that provide much more effective techniques than what you will get from The $100K FB Formula.

I already discussed how this product compares with Wealthy Affiliate, which is my #1 recommended program. Wealthy Affiliate has a FREE Starter Membership that will teach you more for FREE than what you will learn with The $100K FB Formula.


If you still want to purchase the ebook, then click here to go to their sales page.


If you are ready to make money online then you are better off with the step-by-step approach with Wealthy Affiliate.


Click to learn why Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 recommended program to make money online.


Or if you are ready… Join Wealthy Affiliate Today.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you.

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8 thoughts on “The $100K FB Formula Review

  1. Corina

    Great information about this opportunity to make a business online ..thanks …for sure i will check this out 🙂

    1. Dave


      Thanks for reading, if you have any questions please let me know.


  2. Martina

    This is my first time hearing about the 100k FB Formula. After my experiences with working online, I agree that the best way is to start your own website. And I’m not much of a FB person either.

    1. Dave


      Neither am I, which is why I tried the book out. After reading it, I realized that everything I needed was already in the WA program.


    1. Dave

      Thanks for checking it out. I agree, though there are good products out there, WA is by far the best choice.



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