Part Time Student Jobs

By | September 28, 2014
part time college jobs

Don’t go through college life being broke.

Being focused on studying and enjoying the social aspect of college life doesn’t mean that you also have to be broke. These 8 Part Time Student Jobs will help you more fully enjoy the college with without empty pockets.


8 Part Time Student Jobs

1. Affiliate Marketing

I listed this as my #1 part-time college part-time job because it is something I am kicking myself for not getting into it when I was at school. Of all the part time student jobs listed, this is the only one where you earn passive income (you continue making money after your investment of time). Affiliate marketing is also one of the part time student jobs that offers continuity from traveling back home during the summers and holidays. All you need is a computer so you can do this in the summer, at school, or winter breaks without having to constantly look for a new job.


Affiliate marketing is where you promote a certain product or service online.  When someone clicks the link and buys the product, you get a commission.  Almost all online retailers (including Amazon and eBay) offer affiliate programs, which makes this a great part time job for college students.


You don’t have to be tech saavy or an IT wizard to be successful, all you need is the right training. Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 program for beginners to learn how to make money online or start internet businesses. I tried this and was able to launch my first site within 3 days, with no prior experience so anyone can do it.


2. Resident Assistant (RA)

If you don’t mind living in the dorms then being an RA is a decent way to make money. Most universities also offer free or discounted room and board for RAs. The pay for this is pretty decent considering the hours that you work. The disadvantages are that you will have some late nights and you will need to deal with occasional “student situations.”


3. Tutor

Once you get into your junior and senior year you can start tutoring younger students. Some colleges have programs where the school pays your salary so it doesn’t cost the student anything. You can also look for opportunities to tutor local high school age kids.


4. Babysitting

A part time nanny or babysitter may be a way to make decent money at college. The benefit is that you may be able to get some studying in if you do this at night. Unless you have a set schedule, this may be something you do sporadically rather than a constant source of income.


5. Paid Internship

Some companies look to hire college students part time, rather than new graduates full-time. A paid internship is one of the top part time student jobs (and most coveted as well). The pay isn’t always the greatest but it can be a great resume boost or can lead into jumpstarting your career after you graduate. These businesses are also generally understanding when you need to take time off during busy periods like finals and midterms.


If you’re not sure where to look for these opportunities, start with your academic department as virtually every university has some sort of internship program.


6. Server/Waitress

Servers generally make more than minimum wage and when you are paid in tips you get your money immediately. This is great for college students who are always broke.


Part Time Students Jobs7. Teaching Assistant

These positions are usually only available for upperclassmen who do well academically. Check with instructors or your department dean to see what kind of opportunities they offer. If you are a freshman or sophomore it is still worthwhile to ask so that you can set yourself up when you become eligible in a couple years.


8. Check With Local Businesses

Most colleges have a job board where local residents and businesses post openings for part time student jobs. Check these boards regularly to see what’s been added. Remember that there is a lot of competition for these jobs so you need to be quick. Also, don’t be afraid to ask local residents if they know of any work. Locals will have a lot more connections than any of your student friends and many of them will go out of their way to help a broke college student.


What I Would Do Differently?

When I went to school I had a ton of different jobs like RA, home remodeling, ranch hand, security alarm installer, teacher assistant, 3rd shift at an assembly plant, to eventually joining the Army Reserve. These are only a fraction of the various jobs that I did to pay for school.


If I could go do it all again I would focus more on jobs that benefited me beyond two-week paycheck. That is why I rank Affiliate Marketing at the top of part time student jobs. You set your own hours so you can work around your schooling. You work from a computer so you won’t have to search for a new job every summer or new school year. And if I would have done this in school, I would still be making money off the work that I did 15+ years ago.


If you want to give affiliate marketing a try then Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a good place to learn how to do this. WA is the best way for beginners  to learn how to make money online (or intermediate and experienced as well). You can see my review of WA by clicking here


If you have any other ideas on part time student jobs then be sure to mention them in the comments section.


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