Online Jobs for College Students Without Experience

By | October 10, 2014
Online Jobs for College Students Without Investment

Make money online as a college student

I can’t think of any group of people who are more strapped for cash than college students. Around campus there is a ton of other students who are all competing for a few low-paying jobs. Instead of working hard for meager earnings, check out these top #3 ways for college students to make money online


Online Jobs for College Students Without Experience

#1 Making Money Off Your Own Website

This is one opportunity that I wish I knew about when I was in school. The two best ways to make money off your website is through Affiliate Marketing (promote products on your website and earn a commission when someone buys) and blogging. You can make even more money by combining the two approaches.


You can promote certain products through your blog to earn a commission when someone makes a purchase. It is best to remain focused on a specific niche (group of people with common interests and problems) rather than try to appeal to everyone. If you want more details then checkout my post: What’s Affiliate Marketing? – How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing.


If you’re not experienced with website development then I suggest that you Join Wealthy Affiliate and try their Free Starter Membership. Their programs are perfect for beginners to learn how to make money online.

#2 Resell Products Online

Check Craigslist and the local thrift stores for items that you could easily resell on ebay or Amazon. When reselling, make sure you factor in the fees they charge and any shipping costs.


The best time to collect free stuff is at the end of the semester when other students are clearing their apartments. They’ll be throwing all sorts of stuff away instead of packing it in their cars.

#3 Online Tutor

I’m sure you know about possible tutoring jobs around your campus but you can also be a virtual tutor. is a great website that will help link virtual tutors with students.


Stuff to Avoid

When I was researching this topic for myself (before I came across Wealthy Affiliate), I came across a few suggestions on ways for people to make money online that just don’t work. I will list them to save you the hassle.


Swagbucks. I wrote a full review of Swagbucks here. To give you a quick synopsis, each Swagbuck comes out to about $0.01. So if you spend 3 minutes performing an online task that pays you 1 Swagbuck, you’ll be making $0.20 per hour. You won’t make any real money doing this so don’t spend too much time on it unless you enjoy it.


Online Surveys. There are few legitimate survey sites, but there are many that don’t actually pay and require you to sign up for offers to get credits. Even the ones that are legitimate, only pay a fraction of minimum wage. If you do this wrong, online surveys will actually cost you money. I give a full run down of online surveys here.


Anything that seems too good to be true. There are a lot of people trying to learn how to make money online. There are also a lot of people trying to get rich off people trying to do this. If you’re unsure about a program, use my 8 Signs of Online Scams to prevent getting ripped off.


My #1 Recommendation: Online Jobs for College Students Without Experience

Making money with your own website is the best of the online jobs for college students without experience. Here are some reasons why this is your best option:

  • Free to start (with the Free Starter Membership with WA).
  • Flexible schedule.
  • You won’t have to find a new job each summer or at the start of a new school year.
  • This will create passive income (you will continue to make money while you sleep).
  • You can literally make money off your passions and interests.
  • You are your own boss.


You don’t need experience to make money off your own website. All you need is a computer w/internet and the right program to teach you everything you need to know. If you’re interested in making money online then Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to get you started.


Wealthy Affiliate is an online community that has become the #1 program to teach beginners how to make money online. You can read my full review here or go straight to their homepage to Join today.


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