Make Money Online Scams – 8 Signs of Internet Scams

By | October 4, 2014
Make Money Online Scam

Don’t fall for a rip-off program.

You’re probably sick of searching and searching for legitimate ways to make money online. You’re willing to work, you just don’t want to get caught in a scam or rip-off. I’ve put together  8 warning sign of make money online scams to keep you from wasting your time and money.


Make Money Online Scams: 8 Signs of Internet Scams

1. Immediate and Aggressive Up-sales. Many internet scams focus their sales pitch on getting you into their program as quickly as possible. Once in, they will immediately try to up-sale you before you get a chance to test the system. This is like a car salesman who wants you to buy a car before you test drive.


Legitimate programs will provide a free trial period before they ask for an up-sale. One credible example is Wealthy Affiliate that provides a Free Starter Membership to try the program out. The free membership lets you test drive the car and get a mechanic to inspect it before you buy.


2. Hidden Up-sales. Ask yourself: Why would a successful internet marketer spend their time training me when they could be making money doing other things? The answer is simple. Both scams and legitimate programs are looking to make money. Scammers just want your money. Legitimate systems try to provide value to you in exchange for their fees. They will also tell you upfront that there is a free trial program and there is an upgraded program. The second one costs money but gives you more features.


Make money online scams are like horror films, just when you think you are safe… that’s when all hell breaks loose (that’s when they hit you with the up-sale). If you see an unexpected up-sale, then there’s a good chance someone is trying to scam you.


Here is an example of a free/premium membership comparison from a legitimate site.


You can clearly see the differences in the program features and price without any secrets. 


3. Money Back Guarantee Instead of a Trial Membership. Legitimate online programs will offer a trial membership before they expect you to pay. This is a risk free opportunity for you. Scams offer a money back guarantee. This is still no risk right? Absolutely wrong, they have your money and your credit card information. They can still blind side you with hidden costs and make it a hassle to get your money back (if they give it at all). Remember that a money back guarantee is not risk free, free trial membership is. A guarantee from a shady company isn’t something you can trust.


Exceptions for rule #3. Not all money back guarantees are scams, but most scams have money back “guarantees.”  Just do your homework first before you join any program. The legit programs that offer a money back guarantee will usually offer something like a free ebook or other material before they ask to buy their program. This at least allows you to judge their quality before you have to pay.


4. Sell You on Luxury. You will see make money online scams with pictures of private jets, beach homes, sports cars, and an overall fancy lifestyle. These can all be yours if you just buy their program. The truth is these programs are designed to provide riches… just not for you. Like any business, you need to work and learn before you make $100k or more, this won’t happen overnight.


Make Money Online Scams5. They do the Work for You. Online scams say that all you have to do is buy the product and you’re set. Legitimate programs will tell you that success will depend on you, the program is just the tool to help you achieve success . The program is a hammer, you are the carpenter. There are no self-hammering hammers and there are no programs that will make you rich without effort on your part.


6. Their Site is Just a Video. Many make money online scams will have a long video on their website. These videos are actually great marketing tools because they really get people to believe what they’re selling before they get to try it out. Legitimate programs sell you on content, not videos or sensation. Content can include free trial memberships, access to member forums, training, free ebooks, or anything that lets you “test drive the car before you buy it.”


7. No Support. Scammers will tell you that they will be with you every step of the way. Once you’re in the program, they go missing. If you are promised all this support but find none, you should get out of the program immediately. Legitimate programs know that beginners will need help so they design a support structure on customer retention, not finding new suckers. Other programs like Wealthy Affiliate are community based where other members are an important part of the support structure in addition to the business.


8. Its Free, But we Still Want Your Credit Card Info. If something is free, then they do not need your credit card/paypal info. In my early days of making money online I got fooled by this once. Learn from my mistake and hold them to their word. If a program asks you for your credit card into but tells you its free, hit the back button and find something else.


These are the 8 indicators that I use to spot online scams. I don’t want to give you the impression that all programs are scams. The truth is that there are many legitimate programs. I have mentioned Wealthy Affiliate because it is not only a legitimate program, but it is also the best program to help beginners learn how to make money online.


While it is important to recognize signs of make money online scams, remember that your goal is to learn how to make money online. It is important to recognize programs like Wealthy Affiliate and others for the outstanding value they provide. If you’re looking for a proven system to make money online check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review or click here to visit their website.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or your own warning signs please leave them in the comments.


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