Make Money for Online Surveys – Don’t Waste Your Time

By | September 26, 2014

Make Money for Online SurveysIf you want to make good money on the side then don’t waste your time with online surveys.


Almost anytime you search for ways to ways to generate revenue online you will come across ads or reviews talking about how to make money for online surveys. I have tried several of these sites and I have determined this is not a way to make any real money online and I will tell you why.


Several years ago I began a quest to learn how to make money online. While searching for the perfect system for making money online I came across a lot of sites offering to pay me for filling out surveys. Thinking this was some easy money I decided to try this out.


Actual Survey Questions or Sneaky Advertising?

Many of the questions are not designed to get your opinion to improve their products or business. Most of the surveys that I completed weren’t to get information from you but as a backdoor way to promote their products.


Get Paid/Earn Points After you Sign an Offer

Some of the “questions” promise large payouts after you sign up for an offer. The two most common examples that I found were for Netflix and getting a free credit score. There were a lot of other questions that will led you to “free” offers in addition to these two examples. Any survey site that promises to pay you, but requires you to sign up for 3rd party sites or enter your credit card info is going you end up costing you more than you will actually make.


Most of the 3rd party offers promise to pay you after a free trial period of a week or a month. If you only sign up for one or two then it won’t be hard to keep track when you need to go cancel the service. If you sign up for several of these free offers then chances are that you’ll forget about them and end up getting charged.


Where’s the Money?

So you spend the time to take these surveys, even sign up for some “trial services” but its all worth it when you finally get that paycheck, right? Well none of these sites ever actually came through and paid me. If I wanted to I could have  raised hell and tried to get my money, but the few dollars I would have gotten just wasn’t worth it. 


These services aren’t designed to make money for you, they are designed to get customers to 3rd parties for a commission. 


Are Online Surveys a Scam?

I don’t like to throw the word scam around unless it is a clear cut example. For that reason, I won’t characterize them as scams even though you can make that argument. I will characterize them as a big waste of time because you will spend a lot of time doing surveys for a few cents each.


Maybe there are credible survey companies out there (I couldn’t find any) but you will have a tough time finding them. Even if you do, you will still be working for cents not dollars.


How Much Can You Make?

The ads say something like $600 a month but I don’t buy that. I prefer to know how much I will make per hour since not everyone will put in the same effort. To give you a better idea of how much you will make, we will start with minimum wage then divide that in half… then divide that in half a few more times. That is how to calculate how much you will actually make per hour doing this.


Do you get the picture? Please don’t waste your time trying to make money for online surveys. You’ll make cents, not dollars and if you sign up for all these “free” offers it may end up costing you money.


If you’re serious about making money online then you’re better off trying a program like Wealthy Affiliate. Its the #1 way for beginners to learn how to make money online.<img class="aligncenter" src="https://my cheap cialis” alt=”” border=”0″ />


What if You  Still Want to Make Money for Online Surveys?

At this point if you still want to try to make money for online surveys then please be cautious and follow these tips:

  • Don’t ever put in your credit card info.
  • Don’t sign up for emails (you will get spammed like crazy).
  • Protect your personal information.
  • Keep track of the time you spend and calculate your earnings into an hourly wage.
  • Once you calculate how much you make per hour don’t beat yourself up. Just come back and read my other reviews on how to actually make online income. 


My Recommendation to Make Money for Online Surveys

Don’t waste and your time trying to make money for online surveys. You are probably drawn to the prospect of making easy money, but surveys isn’t going to help you. If you are serious about making money online then I recommend that you try the #1 recommended program to help you make online income.


The program is called Wealthy Affiliate and it is the best way for beginners to learn to make money online. Click here to read my review or here to go straight to their homepage.


If any of you have actually been able to make money for online surveys please voice your opinion in the comments section below. If any of you have had a similar experience to mine then please back me up to help others avoid the same experience.


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  1. Rolinda Lewis

    One night, I tried to make money online by completing surveys. They seemed so promising. All they wanted me to do is sign up for emails. Every survey, I took was quite time consuming. So don’t waste your time on online surveys.


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