Make Images SEO Friendly

By | September 18, 2014
Make Images SEO Friendly

Generate Traffic With Effective Use of Images

Images can be an important tool to bring traffic to your website. I will walk you through 5 simple ways to make images SEO friendly for your website.


 Make Images SEO Friendly For Your Website

#1 Change the File Size: Search engines like Google and Bing factor load times in their ranking algorithms. Large image sizes take longer to load and will hurt your rankings. Additionally, slow load times are one of the major causes of high bounce rates (people who visit your site then immediately leave). High bounce rates further hurt your search engine rankings.


Decreasing the height and width of your image will not necessarily change the file size, which is what slows the loading time.


Free tools like Image Optimizer will allow you to re-size your images.


As a general rule, re-size images to the smallest size possible without affecting image quality.


This step becomes more important if you like to use a lot of images in your website.


#2 Use Alt Text: If you post an image of a treadmill, visitors will see the image and immediately know what it is. Search engine spiders, however, do not know what that image is. You can help the search engines (and your ranking) by effective use of alt text.


Alt text is what the search engines use to understand what an image is. Here is an example:


<img src=”treadmill.jpg” alt=”treadmill” />


“Treadmill” is not a good keyword to use so tie your alt text with your targeted keyword(s). Let’s just say that your targeted keyword is “golds gym treadmill review.” Here is a more effective use of alt text.


<img src=”treadmill.jpg” alt=”golds gym treadmill review” />


This simple step is crucial to make images SEO friendly and bring traffic to your website.


Make Pics SEO Friendly

#3 Use Descriptive File Name: We often see file names similar to DCM37583.jpg for pictures. Change this file name to your target keyword or keyword variation to help make images SEO friendly.


#4 Effective Captions: There is no relationship between your caption and search engine rankings; however they are still important for several reasons. Descriptive and catchy captions improve the overall flow and content of your page. If someone is looking at your page to decide if they want to continue reading or hit the back button, there are two pieces of content that they are likely to use to factor into their decision: headings and image captions.


In this way captions can affect your bounce rate, which indirectly affects search engine rankings. If you’re in a competitive niche then you should take advantage of everything you can to boost your website rankings.


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#5 What the heck is LSI? This stands for latent semantic indexing (synonyms or related keywords). If your page has many images then I don’t recommend putting the same keyword into the alt text for every image. This may look like spamming or keyword stuffing and hurt your rankings. Instead use LSI in the alt text.


When you did your keyword research you probably created a list of possible keywords or variations. I use this list as a starting point for LSI. Use these related keywords and synonyms as alt text when your page has several images.



The methods I are simple and quick but will effectively make images SEO friendly. Implement these five steps and watch your traffic count climb.


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11 thoughts on “Make Images SEO Friendly

  1. Tommy

    Great information here! I have some knowledge on this already, but I actually didn’t know what LSI was until now. I use a really helpful plugin for this called WP Optimize by xTraffic. It’s really great as it automatically optimize your images for you. Will take a look to see if it works with LSI aswell. Great post by the way, and thanks for the heads-up! 🙂

    1. Dave

      Thanks Tommy,

      I’ll check out that plugin. I’m very picky on the plugins that I use since they can affect load time. If it can help me get traffic then it’s something to look into.



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