Is Swagbucks a Scam?

By | October 15, 2014
is swagbucks a scam

Don’t fall for a rip-off program.

I developed the 8 Signs of Internet Scams to help spot scams and rip-offs. You’ve heard about Swagbucks, but before you sign up you want to know if it is legit or another internet scam. In just a few minutes we’ll have an answer to the question, “is Swagbucks a scam?”


However, the important question is not: Is Swagbucks a scam. The better question is: Can I make money off SB?


Keep reading and in just a few minutes you’ll have an answer to both questions.

8 Signs of Internet Scams: Is Swagbucks a Scam?

#1 Immediate and Aggressive Up-sales.

The whole time I have been with SB, I never saw any up-sale attempts. There are a lot of product offers but they are not in your face or overly aggressive.

Pass/Fail for Sign #1: Pass

#2 Hidden Up-sales.

Like the response for Sign #1, there are no up-sales with Swagbucks. There can be hidden up-sales with some of the surveys but not in the actual SB membership.

Pass/Fail for Sign #2: Pass

#3 Money Back Guarantee Instead of a Free Trial Membership.

Since you don’t spend any money on the actual Swagbucks membership, there is no need for a money back guarantee.

Pass/Fail for Sign #3: Pass

#4 Sell You on Luxury.

The program doesn’t show any luxury to get you to sign up. They do show a huge dollar figure at the signup page, which represents their payouts. When I joined it was around $70 million but it’s probably much bigger now. If this is really what they have paid to their members then it’s only fitting that they should use it in their marketing. Before you quit your job for a cut of that 70 million, keep reading because what you will actually make will make you feel taken advantage of.

Pass/Fail for Sign #4: Pass

#5 They do the Work for You.

SB is pretty straight forward on how you earn points. You earn rewards by doing online surveys, playing games, making purchases, doing web searches, or any other web activity that you normally do. They also tell you up front how many points each task will make.

Pass/Fail for Sign #5: Pass

#6 Their Site is Just a Video.

There is a short instructional video but that’s about it.

Pass/Fail for Sign #6: Pass

#7 No Support.

SB has a support structure for its members. I’ve never had the need to request any help from their support. I did some research online and read what people were saying in the forums. A lot of people said unfavorable things about the quality of support that they offer. Whether or not they provide good support is debatable, however for purposes of determining if the program is a scam, we should give them credit for providing some support.

Pass/Fail for Sign #7: Pass

#8 Its Free, But we Still Want Your Credit Card Info.

The only time I ever put in my credit card info was when I actually made a purchase on Amazon. SB really is free.

Pass/Fail for Sign #8: Pass


Conclusion: Is Swagbucks a Scam?

Based on the 8 Signs of Internet Scams, we can feel confident that SB  is legitimate. The only real way to know for sure is to sign up, however if it passes all 8 Signs then you can go forward without worrying about getting ripped off. You can read my full review of SB here.


Should you join SB just because it is Not a Scam?

We have answered “is Swagbucks a scam,” but the real question is “can I make money off SB?” If you’re looking to make real money online, then the answer is… NO. With SB you’ll make a $5 gift card every once in a while but it isn’t worth the time. If you read my review I go into more detail on why I’m not a big fan of SB. Look at your time as a resource. You need to spend your resources on a program that will earn the best payoff and SB is not going to make you any decent money.


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