How to Make Money From Online Blogging

By | October 24, 2014
how to make money from online blogging

Make money from your blog

Blogging is a fun hobby, but it can also be a way to make a lot of money. If you monetize your blog the right way, your audience will thank you for it. Here are 4 simple tips on how to make money from online blogging that you can start today.


4 Tips: How to Make Money From Online Blogging

1. Affiliate Marketing:

In Affiliate Marketing you promote products on your blog and earn a commission when someone buys. The key is promoting products that are relevant to you niche. As an effective blogger, you understand the passions, problems, and interests of your readers. Promote products and services that will improve the lives of your readers.

2. Click-through advertising:
You can sell ad-space on your blog to advertisers. The most common form is Google Adsense. When someone clicks the ad, you get a commission. Commissions are generally small but they can really add up. Just make sure that the advertisements that you choose are relative to you niche and do not take away from the flow of your blog. Some bloggers like to fill every piece of white-space of their site with ads. I use them sparingly so that the ads don’t detract from the overall experience of my blog. 

3. Cost Per Action (CPA):
Also called Cost Per Conversion or Pay Per Action. An advertiser will pay you each time someone in your audience performs a specific action like submitting a form, clicking an ad, signing up for a newsletter, buying something, entering information about themselves, or signing up for an offer. When someone performs the action, you get a commission. Make sure that you are selective on which CPAs you put on your blog to make sure they are relative to your target audience.

4. Email Subscribers:
I am not talking about selling the emails of your subscribers. What I am talking about is building a list of subscribers and using this list to generate revenue. With your blog you will be able to build a loyal group of followers who want to receive regular updates from you. Thoughtfully choose products or other promotions that you can promote to your email subscribers.

Word of Caution:
You shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to make money off your blog. My warning is to not test the loyalty of your followers by trying to make a quick buck. The key to knowing how to make money from online blogging is doing it the right way. If you monetize your site in the right way, your audience will thank you. If you do it the wrong way, you will lose followers and not make much money. 

When I monetize my site, I always picture my audience as if they were my best friends. I then ask myself if my friends would think I was just trying to make money off them or would they be grateful that I showed them that particular offer.

For example, consider these two promotions for a running niche:

  • Promote an expensive treadmill that will earn a high commission.
  • Inform your audience of a 50% discount on running socks.

Promoting the treadmill may turn away much of your audience, while the sock promotion will have your readers thanking you for helping them save money with something that they need. 


Conclusion: How to Make Money From Online Blogging

Monetizing your blog the right way will improve the experience of your audience and build their loyalty to you. However, there is a fine line between trying to make money off your readers and helping them find solutions for their problems.

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