Call to Action Phrases and Examples

By | October 11, 2014
Call to action phrases and examples

Call to action statements they can’t refuse

Each post or page of your website needs to have a goal for your visitor. Your entire post will take them on a journey to set them up for the action that you want them to take.


You’ve created an amazing post with the perfect layout. Your content is a literary masterpiece. You’ve connected with your audience, you’ve shown them you understand their problems and even presented a perfect solution for them. Now what???


This brings us to your CTA (Call-to-Action) statement. Your content is your sales presentation and your CTA is how you close the deal. You need both content and an effective CTA to persuade your audience. Read Keys to Writing Website Content for tips on writing your content. This article will focus solely on closing the deal.


Here are some examples of what you want your audience to do.

  • Buy or subscribe to something.
  • Visit another page where they will be asked to buy something.
  • Join your mailing list.
  • Share your post on social media.


Here are some other benefits of an effective CTA statement:

  • Increase sales and conversion rate.
  • Better connection with your audience.
  • Improve long-term relationship with your audience.


9 Guidelines: Call to Action Phrases and Examples

#1. Know your audience. Before you write your CTA, you need to understand your audience’s problems and how the CTA will benefit them. You’ll improve your conversion and sales if you convince your audience that its in their best interest.


Bad: Click here to Subscribe.

Good: Click here to receive 50% off.


#2. Overcome your audience’s concerns and barriers. When you know your audience, you will understand their passions, interests, and problems. You will also know what might stop them from obeying your call-to-action.


Good: Click here to receive your FREE sample.

Good: Call now for a FREE quote in less than 5 minutes.


#3. Use action verbs. Use strong and actionable verbs that can literally be carried out by the visitor.


Bad: Consider joining to receive a FREE sample.

Good: Click here to receive your FREE sample.


#4. Be clear and simple. Make sure your CTA can be clearly understood by your audience. Your CTA should tell the audience exactly what to do, don’t assume that they will know what you mean in your statement.


Bad: Be part of our community.

Good: Click here to join.


#5. Make the CTA easy to follow. Your visitor should be able to go directly to the action from your CTA. If you make them put forth any more effort than is completely necessary, they won’t do it.


Bad: Go to for your FREE ebook.

Good: Click here to receive your FREE ebook.


#6. Create a sense of urgency. A sense of urgency will increase the likelihood of cooperation from your audience. Giving them a time limitation, or at least a feeling of importance, will give your visitors a greater sense of urgency to do your CTA.


Bad: Join anytime.

Good: Join now for your FREE membership.


#7. Make an offer they can’t refuse. A great offer can go a long way in getting your audience to follow your CTA.


Good: Join for 50% off your next order.

Good: Click here to receive buy one get one 1/2 off.


#8. Make it stand out. Make your CTA stand out from the rest of the post. Use graphics, contrasting colors, or bold to make your CTA stand-out. Some things like arrows and red text can also make your CTA pop. Works like FREE should be in all CAPS also.


#9. No obligation statement. By eliminating any risk to the reader, you are increasing their confidence and increasing the likelihood that they will comply. Use words like FREE and TRY to convey no obligation.


Thanks for checking out this article. You now have the information to elevate your conversion rate and sales. These call to action phrases and examples are simple, easy-to-use, and completely necessary if you want to close-the-deal with your audience. 


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